Laem Charoen Seafood @ The Sense


The latest branch of Laem Charoen Seafood Restaurant Bangkok occupies two-hundred and thirty-four square meters on the ground floor, next to the entry, of the Sense Community Mall on Pinklao Road. This family-style eatery welcomes the seafood lovers with an open-plan layout and a cheerful color scheme. The turquoise blue handmade ceramic tiles highlight the grid pattern on the floor whereas the matte silvery grey PU walls are padded in vertical lines. Particular attention is placed upon the ceiling of four and a half meters high. Onion arranges the OBS Boards in a radius pattern based on the parameter of the existing glass facade. Three continuous curves are cut out from each vertical board. They give the visual effect of paralleled circumferences, running from the building envelop to the direction of service station inside the restaurant. The edges of these OBS Boards are painted in florescent orange color matching with the orange local ceramic tiles on the floor and the color of the chairs. Onion’s color scheme is conspicuous because of its background materials, namely the white marble and the black ceramic tiles.

Laem Charoen Seafood @ The Sense was opened in August 2014. The total area is 234 sq.m. This includes 20 sq.m. service station, 46 sq.m. kitchen and 168 sq.m. dining area of 120 seats.

Area : 234 sq.m
Location :The sense,  pinklao , Bangkok Thailand
Completion Year : August 2014
Interior Designer: Onion
Photograph by : Wison Tungthunya

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