Laem Charoen Seafood @ Paragon


Laem cha-reon Seafood, the renowned seafood restaurant serving patrons in the seaside province of Rayong for over 30 years, has now opened several locations in Bangkok. The restaurant’s signature dish is  “deep fried marinated snapper with sweet fish sauce’ which is a secret recipe. A variety of Thai-styled seafood dishes.

Each branch of Laem cha-reon seafood has a particular character. They do not follow the design similarity normally associated with chain restaurants. At Siam Paragon department store, Laem cha-reon seafood occupies 250 sq.m. on the 5th floor. This family-style eatery welcomes seafood lovers with a cozy, yet modern,, atmosphere, high ceilings and cheerful, light façade. A hexagonal wooden partially stretches out 21 meters along the longitudinal side of the open plan layout. At the front, the boundary is  partially opaque to enhance table layout. The rare wall is mainly composed of mirrors, reflecting the space of the restaurant, including the wooden partition and coppered-coloured, custom made hanging lamps. The kitchen and cashier are hidden behind the rear wall. Central to the restaurant is the octagonal VIP room. This prominent space is enclosed by clear and opaque patterned glass. The objective is to maintain the customers’ privacy and to provide a feeling of space.

Area : 250 sq.m
Location :siam paragon, Bangkok Thailand
Completion Year : Junel 2011
Interior Designer: Onion. Arisara Chaktranon, Siriyot Chaiamnuay
Photograph by Pruj Dejkhamhaeng

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