Hashme is a restaurant owned by a young Thai entrepreneur who knows a mass culture of promoting a place through mobile phone. Hash-me is meant calling for a word or a phrase preceded by a hashtag on social media sites such as Twitter and Instragram. Its location is on the top floor of a community mall which gives a panoramic view to one of the most popular streets of Bangkok, Thonglor. The interior design brief is to create a trendy place for Bangkokians to dine, take photographs and hang out. 

Onion chose to experiment upon applying five different coloured filters in a single space, namely pink mirrors, light oakwood colour, black steel, white marble and green paints. These colour arrangements are placed in linear arrangements, like drawing the sections of colours across the room. The filtered colours seem to make the three-dimensional space appears flat. Onion enriches the edges where two colours of materials meet. It always overlaps with the structural patterns of the waffled ceiling, the tables, the chairs and the sofa. These edges are also emphasised by the multilayers of pink, yellow, transparent and tinted black mirrors, which increase the colour intensity for the viewers in different viewpoints.

Area : 120 sq.m
Location : 953 community mall 
Year of completion : April 2015
Architect: Onion, Siriyot Chaiamnuay & Arisara Chaktranon
Interior Designer: Onion, Siriyot Chaiamnuay & Arisara Chaktranon
Photograph by Wison Tungthunya

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